Welcome to PATIO TIME, a world of fresh concept outdoor living! PATIO TIME is the allusion of natural beauty of garden and the matching refined items which are created to make your outdoor life ever new and comfortable.
PATIO TIME is held by Nuu Garden Corp., whose headquarter is in Atlanta and 2 DC in Georgia and Texas,150,000 sq.ft in total.
As an enterprise committed to R&D innovation and having our own factory in China, we begin with passion, imagination and action.
There are rich superior design elements could be found from our range, which finally make the products unique, stylish and outstanding. It is highly exciting to create the most refined, diverse choice of outdoor collections to offer a perfect blend of visual enjoyment and perfect functionality experience.
The style starts the sales, but quality makes the sales ever-lasting.
Design is the core value that we are pursuing, but we are on the same way of seeking after the right quality.
The finest material, advanced facilities, experienced craftsmen, expertised engineers, strictly-trained QC team all contribute to our high end products.
Sincerely invite you to join in PATIO TIME family!
Try it, you’ll see life could always be refreshed by PATIO TIME!


Georgia and Texas


10 year experience


150,000 sq.ft in total.


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