Segway Navimow i Series Robot Mower

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Model: Navimow i105N for 1/8 acre
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Latest Wireless Lawn Robot Mower

  • Upgraded positioning technology EFLS 2.0 with cm-level accuracy;

  • AI-assisted mapping and VisionFence image obstacle avoidance;

  • App control and multi-zone management for mowing schedules;

  • Slope climbing working capability up to 16°;

  • Noise level at 58dB(A);

  • Manual cutting height adjustment from 2 to 3.6 in.

Brand Segway - NAVIMOW
Power Source Battery Powered
Material Mower frame: PP, Cover: ASA
Color Grey, Black, Orange
Style i110N Mows up to 1/4 acre
Item Weight 24 Pounds
Cutting Width 7.1 Inches
Operation Mode Automatic
Product Dimensions 21.5"D x 15.2"W x 11.2"H
   Box Dimensions                             30" D x 19" W x 13" H

Brand Segway - NAVIMOW
Power Source Battery Powered
Material Polypropylene, ASA
Color Grey, Black, Orange
Style i105N Mows up to 1/8 acre
Item Weight 24 Pounds
Cutting Width 7.1 Inches
Operation Mode Automatic
Product Dimensions 21.5"D x 11.2"W x 15.2"H
   Box Dimensions                                    30" D x 19" W x 13" H

Quick, Wire-free Setup

With Navimow, you don't need physical perimeter wiring. Connect and control your robotic mower using the Navimow app. With just a few taps, you can set boundaries for multiple lawns, mark off-limit areas, and even create channels to connect multiple areas.

Vision Enhanced Locating System

EFLS 2.0 (Exact Fusion Locating System): an AI-enhanced GNSS location system provides stable centimeter-level positioning to handle diverse range of lawn layouts.

Identifies 20+ Obstacles

140° field-of-view camera with built-in Al algorithms detects 20+ common objects in the garden. Guide Navimow i robot mower safely and efficiently through every mow.

AI-assisted Mapping

With the all-new AI-powered Assist Mapping feature, Navimow i robot mower identifies the clear edges of your lawn during mapping and automatically navigates and maps the entire working area. It's that simple.

Efficient and Automatic Lawn Maintaenance

Navimow i robot mower mows systematically, recharges intelligently, and keeps mowing until the job is done.

Multi-zone Schedule as You Want

Create a schedule on the app for each lawn area. Navimow i will do the rest, even when you’re not around.


Keep your Navimow on your radar with Navimow Access+ 4G module (sold separately).

Ultra-Low Noise: 58 dB(A)




IP66 Waterproof


16° Climbing Capability


Customize the edge with vision precision.
Sets ideal boundaries to fit each part of your lawn and cuts right to the edge with a stunning level of precision.
Standard Boundary
Standard Boundary is the default setting with vision edge detection integrated, ensuring the mower stays within the virtual boundary.
Ride-on Boundary
The Ride-on Boundary enables the mower to straddle the physical boundary between grass and non-grass areas during mowing to cut even closer to the edge. Just make sure that the pathway is level with the lawn, and there are no steps or gaps nearby.

Download the Navimow App now for easy robot activation (supporting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G), user guidance, and remote control. Manage and control your Navimow at your fingertips. 

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