Picking the Best Way to Hang Your Hammock:

Do you need help with how to hang your hammock?

It's all about personal preference, like choosing home decor or clothing style. This guide will show you various options for mounting and necessary accessories, with helpful diagrams included for specific hammock models. Remember that hanging your hammock with a 40-50cm space from the ground is a good rule of thumb. Also, don't worry if your hammock appears too high initially, as it will stretch when sitting in.

For a hammock chair, you can hang it directly from your ceiling using fixings or a hammock chair stand. Use Power Hooks for ceilings and Jumbo Fixings for wooden beams or posts. If you have a regular hammock, hang it between two trees or use a stand. We recommend using smart or micro rope fixings to hang between trees. If you can only access one tree or wall, use the Madera Post to support the other side. If you prefer a hassle-free option, consider purchasing a set with a compatible hammock or chair and stand, allowing you to choose the design without worrying about fixings.

If you need help selecting your hammock, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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