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Thank you for choosing Patio Time Furniture. All claims for service must be accompanied by proof of purchase (Bill of Sale).
Please read the terms of the Patio Time Limited Warranty Coverage carefully. Retain your proof of purchase and this printed warranty to substantiate a claim in the event warranty service is required. These Limited Warranties are given only to the original purchaser who directly buy from Nuu Garden Corporation, subject to all the terms and conditions below. These Limited Warranties are non-transferable.

Product or Part Limited Warranty Duration Labor Coverage
Frames Limited Lifetime Warranty* 5 Year


Including Unattached Cushioning which means each cushion core in an unattached(loose)seat cushion and Attached Cushion which means each cushion core in a seat cushion which is attached to the product.

2 Year Limited Warranty 2 Year
Fabric 2 Year Limited Warranty 2 Year


Finishes means all finishes and other parts,components,including but not limited to dining room tables, chairs, beds, marble tops, granite tops, recliner pull cords and handles incorporated into any furnitureproduct.

3 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year
Wicker 3 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year

*As used in these Limited Warranties, “lifetime” means the normal useful life of the product under reasonable use.


Under these Limited Warranties, the sole liability of Patio Time is limited to repair, option replacement, of the applicable product or part found, upon examination of an authorized manufacturer, to evidence a material manufacturing defect. REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Patio Time will pay reasonable and customary rates for labor during the period of the labor warranty. The original purchaser will be responsible for the labor costs after the stated time period and is responsible for in-home inspection fees, transportation of the product to and from the Patio Time.

Warranties are voided by evidence of excessive soling, improper cleaning or treatment, abuse, or abnormal use. Warranty do not apply to products used for rental, business, commercial, institutional, in recreational vehicles or other non-residential uses.


Implied warranties, including any of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose imposed on the sale of this furniture and its parts under state law, are limited in duration to the applicable warranty duration of the product or part and no warranties apply after that period. some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you. except as set forth in this warranty and to the extent provided by law, in no event will Patio Time be liable for incidental or consequential damages, even if it had reason to know in advance that such damages were possible.

No Patio Time dealer or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.


To obtain warranty services, the original purchaser must comply with the requirements of this Claim Procedure.

Contact the Patio Time whom you purchased your furniture from to obtain warranty service. All claims must include the original bill of sale, the product serial number, and be filled within the applicable warranty period. Patio Time reserves the right to require defective parts be returned upon request. You must make arrangements with the Patio Time to schedule the transportation of the furniture or parts from your place to the Patio Time or from the Patio Time to your place.

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