In the USA market, Amazonas hammocks and stands are highly regarded for their exceptional quality and stability, both domestically and internationally. We are committed to continually improving our products to better serve our customers, and we value their feedback and suggestions. We also prioritize sharing experiences and insights with our expert dealers and the wider community of Amazonas hammock users.

Our natural-colored Brazilian hammocks and hanging chairs are crafted from 100% recycled, untreated Brazilian cotton, while our colored options are free of AZO, a harmful chemical found in many dyes.

Although not legally required in this industry, we are proud of the certifications we hold and continuously work to add more.

Intertek GS Mark - Product Safety:

The Intertek GS seal indicates that a product has undergone rigorous safety testing and meets European safety standards, primarily German requirements. To receive this mark, an independent testing and certification body must award it, as it is an officially approved mark by the German government. Amazonas Products voluntarily undergo the GS test, ensuring the safety of its products for consumers. To learn more, visit

EllTex - ExtraLongLastingTEXtile

Elltex hammocks and hanging chairs are made from a unique polyester-cotton blend exclusive to Amazonas that is highly resistant to weather, mildew, UV bleaching, and color fading. This engineered material provides the softness of cotton with the weather-resistant properties you need.

FSC - Responsible Forest Management:

Amazonas only uses 100% FSC certified wood for its products sourced from responsibly managed European forests. An FSC mark indicates that the raw materials for a product have been harvested in an environmentally friendly manner, preventing deforestation and sustainably harvesting materials in line with the social, economic, and ecological needs of current and future generations.


Agora fabrics are made from a unique combination of spinneret-coloured acrylics that are extremely resistant, lightfast, and insensitive to dirt. The fibers are through-dyed, achieving a high level of light and weather resistance. Innovative color fixing ensures that the material retains its shape and color for years. The fabrics' water-repellent properties are referred to as the Lotus Effect.


Recycling - Amazonas Sustainability:

At Amazonas, we are committed to sustainability and use recycled yarns in our hammocks in an eco-friendly way. We process the cuttings back into the yarn, reducing our impact on natural raw resources. To improve the stability of shorter fibers, we add 15% polyester threads, and we only use resources with strict color controls.

Preserving Water:

Cotton production has a significant impact on the environment, using large amounts of pesticides and insecticides, and requiring a minimum of 18,000 liters of drinking water per ton of cotton. By using recycled materials and reducing cotton plantations, we can help preserve vital water for people and nature, while also reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Our technique of recycling scraps from cuttings into yarns helps us constantly recycle materials and preserve natural resources.


Amazonas is proud to connect with the dual system/industry system "Interseroh" (Participant number 132903) in Germany to help us recycle our packaging materials and reduce CO2 emissions. As one of the leading recycling and environmental service providers in Germany, Interseroh helps us save over 13,200 kg of CO2 annually through innovative sustainable actions in our packaging area, which is equivalent to the emissions of a common compact class vehicle traveling over 76,700 km. We also use recycled materials, such as PET bottles, as filling for our garden furniture upholstery. These and other efforts have allowed us to achieve the TUV Safety Mark ISO 9001.

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