Segway, a Robotic Lawnmower Manufacturer

The first ever robotic lawnmower, the Segway, hit the market in 2016. Segway Robotics, a partnership between Segway Inc. and iRobot, developed it. It's claimed to be a mower that can cut your grass without any help from you.

Instead, Navimow uses GPS and other sensors to stay within the perimeter of your lawn. A so-called Exact Fusion Locating System can maintain Navimow's position accurate to within two centimeters, according to Segway.

Well, you'll be thrilled to learn that, like a few other high-end models on the market, the Segway Navimow iSeries navigates itself around the lawn, snipping here and there, without any perimeter wire whatsoever. Like the best robot vacuum cleaner, a robot mower will never moan about trudging up and down the lawn.

IP66 waterproof, for weather durability and easy washing. Navimow gives you more free time to do the things you love.

The Segway Navimow i Series and H Series can mow a lawn that's up to 0.74 acres. It does not require in-ground perimeter wiring. Instead, it relies on RTK (real-time kinematic) positioning using satellites, onboard vision technology and data from its smartphone app to stay within a boundary you set.

Unfortunately, a robot mower can look inviting to a thief as it is an expensive piece of equipment and do occasionally get stolen. If you are worried about theft, make sure you buy a model that has security features as this will ensure that if it does get stolen, it will be traceable and useless to anyone but yourself.

If the mower has been locked, enter the PIN code before operating the mower. The default code is 0000. Press MOW or HOME to change the number and press OK to confirm the code.

Cutting Edge Technology

One common misconception is that mowing in the rain is detrimental to the health of the lawn. While this may be true for traditional mowers, robotic lawn mowers like the Segway Navimow are designed to operate efficiently even in wet conditions.

Furthermore, since the blades on a robotic lawn mower are so protected by the hard shell of the mower's body, you won't see dog poo flying everywhere, because the shell acts like a shield. When your mower goes over a pile of poo, it helps to flatten it. And once it goes over it a few times, it should get really flat.

Power off: Press and hold OK for 10s, or turn off via the app. Start mowing: Press MOW and then OK. Stop mower operation: Press STOP. Mower returns to the charging station: Press HOME and then OK.

Robotic mowers are designed to "mulch" the clippings. As they only cut very fine amounts of grass in one go, these cuttings are recycled and dropped back onto the lawn to act as feed. This helps in keeping the lawn healthy and a lush green colour.

Every 2-3 days

That means a robotic mower can sufficiently operate every 2-3 days. If it rains more often, the intervals can also be shortened. In autumn, prepare the lawn for winter. By trimming once or twice a week, the lawn can once again recharge the necessary energy to get through the winter unscathed.

At least in the summer months, a robotic lawnmower is continuously exposed to wind and other elements. These variables can affect the device in the long term and may shorten the life of the battery.To help protect your robotic lawnmower, a shelter in the form of a robotic lawnmower garage is recommended.

Modern robotic mowers are equipped with an array of safety features and smart technologies. If the mower encounters an obstacle, including pets, the blades are engineered to stop instantly. Advanced sensors and alarm systems add an extra layer of safety, deterring children or pets from getting too close.

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